The latest K&J “Text or Tweet” comes back to bite

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Stephanie Rice was on Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about her new website, but it turned into “Text or Tweet”.

“This is where you get to decide… we get to take your phone off you and you get to choose. “

“Do we get to tweet anything we want from your account or do we get to text someone on your phone and say what we want?” Jackie O asked.

All seemed innocent enough but it seems Stephanie may have regretted it later.

Before the segment finished it spread around swimming and media circles.

Could she delete it? Nope, not for 24 hours. The Tweet said…


Stephanies first reply reply:

If she rolled the dice and went with the Text option – an sms would have gone to  her ex Eamon Sullivan saying:  “Hey Babe I’ve been thinking, wanna give us another go?”




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