Survey #1: Toowoomba – HOT FM Dominates

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Toowoomba in the South East Corner of Queensland is  the latest market to have an official survey, their first in 16 years. 

It sees SCA’s HOT FM and 4GR, Super Radio Networks 4WK and 4AK, and the ABC Local and Network Brands taking part.

Toowoomba is an interesting market in that it not only receives local commercial brands, but signals from Brisbane and Ipswich also boom into the market.

The survey is from Xtra Research.

Summary Snapshot:

  • HOT leads the 10 plus race with a whopping 31% of Station Listened to Most for the market.
  • ABC Local Radio pulls-up in second spot with an 14.3% slice.
  • SCA’s 4GR is third with 9.2%
  • Triple J is fourth with 8.2%
  • Super Radio Network trail with a 3.4% for 4WK and 4AK a 1.2% stake.
  • Anyone under 54 is owned by HOT FM and for over 55 it is the ABC’s turf. 4GR delivers the 55 plus commercial spend.
  • HOT FM takes breakfast with ABC Local second.
  • All dayparts are then HOT FM’s, with yet another market where Nights is all the ABC’s.

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