Star 106.3’s Crystal Vas opens up about a bad drug experience

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Star 106.3 presenter Crystal Vas has taken the opportunity to share her own experiences with drug use following the news that musician Demi Lovato was admitted to hospital overnight due to a suspected heroin overdose.

Voice shaking, Crystal bravely retold her experience with narcotics and what it took to scare her into getting help to co-host Brady.

“I moved away from Adelaide when I was 19 years old, I moved away from an experience where I was sexually assaulted and I wasn’t coping well,” Crystal begins.

“I took a drug I said I would never take. I didn’t sleep for two days, I was really depressed for about 10 days to the point where I was ready to end my life.

“But I was really lucky I had a really good friend…and I am so grateful for that friend because I saw a counselor after that.”

Crystal pled with her listeners to seek help if dealing with drug problems, “If you are someone who is messing around with drugs and you’re trying to escape something, you need to address the thing that you are escaping…talk to someone.”

Brady commended his on-air partner for stepping up and telling her story.

“There are not many radio people in this country that would say what you just did..that is very rare, so well done.”

Listen to the full segment below.

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