Social Scorecard: Radio’s top social posts this week, plus why community management matters

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No more setting and forgetting content. There has been some severe lack of community management going on around the social traps.

So I’ve decided to do a two-parter on community management. This week, I’ll be explaining what community management is and why it’s so important when it comes to your social media presence.

Next week, I’ll be outlining a few tips and tricks to help you hone it. But right now let’s get down to business.

Consider your array of social media platforms as a little open plan ‘community’.  You’ve got your current listeners, target demographic and everyone else who interacts with your brand directly and indirectly online.

If you don’t have ongoing community management in place you’ll miss out on chances to:

  • Turn listeners into loyal fans.
  • Manage complaints.
  • Win over potential listeners.
  • Network and partner with potential sponsors.
  • Get constructive, honest feedback on programming and talent.
  • Stand out in the comments section.

In order to achieve all this, it’s important to be able to differentiate between community management and social media marketing. They both have different sets of priorities.

Social media marketing

This is when you create and publish content across your social media platforms to reach new listeners and to talk to your current fans.  Your objectives may include engagement, traffic and reach.

Community management

What occurs after you publish is considered community management.  Think of it as a form of customer service; where you listen to the audience and participate in conversation that relates to your brand.

Your social media marketing broadcasts a message from one to the masses, whereas community management begins on a smaller, cosier scale. It has the potential to build your presence online and outside social media.

Engage and trigger conversations

Every time you leave a comment, it makes a digital imprint. The more positive the comments you and your fans generate, the stronger your brand.  It’s crucial to initiate conversations and to keep them going. Why? Most platforms use algorithms that measure engagement with things such as comments to pick what shows up in news feeds.

As tempted as you are to just turn on a keyword filter, post content and essentially run on autopilot, it could be doing you more harm than good. Listeners aren’t stupid – they tune into a radio station to get that human element. Therefore it’s extremely important that you demonstrate there’s a human touch behind your posts and interactions to allow your audience to connect with you.

Get into a habit of checking your social platforms every day to find opportunities to talk to listeners, thank them for feedback and address any complaints. Be genuine. Don’t copy and paste some generic, boring response. Let the convo happen spontaneously.

Surprise your listeners with responses.  You’ll see that you’ll get the attention of many, from something you thought may have been a one-on-one conversation.

Moderate your platforms

Another important part of community management is protecting your rep online. It means clearing out any random spam and jumping onto any negative comments or feedback as soon as you can.

There’s no harm in addressing questions or feedback public, especially if it’s something you can address quickly address. Getting heated or is it something that should be answered privately? Take it to your inbox/DM’s.

Remember, listeners want to be heard. See a Visitor’s Post on Facebook? Address it. It’s a horrible look for a network or station to ignore a listener’s comments and complaints.

Measuring your success with feedback

A network or station will get an idea of how your online community sees your brand, areas that need improvement and even programming changes that can be made.

One of the biggest obstacles however with community management is limited resources. Convos can be trigger anywhere but there’s not enough time in the day to be everywhere to monitor it.

Work out which platforms has the most active community and where you are most likely able to achieve your objectives – whether it’s to drive traffic or build your brand, this is the channel you should prioritise.

Understanding these two different areas and using both to its advantage is critical for achieving your objectives. Otherwise, you’ll be pushing your social strategy with the hope that you’ll get some results, if you’re lucky.

Define specific goals, create a detailed strategy plan, execute and ensure you have ongoing community management in order to be successful across social media.

Our top picks this week come from 2DAYFM, Triple J’s Veronica and Lewis and KIIS 106.5’s The Thinker Girls.

1. 104.1 2DAY FM: Facebook – ‘RnB Fridays Live’ (SCA)

Yes, yes, YES! Finally a station has pulled this off in such a sexy fashion. You may remember I’ve talked about why Facebook cover videos are the way to go – this is a great example. Demands attention, boosts engagement and it’s a living and breathing way to promote a network event.

2. KIIS 106.5’S The Thinker Girls: Facebook – ‘The first thing to do when you get home’ (ARN)

This is myself and just about every other woman home alone, farts and all fellas – and this is why it’s fab. They understand their demographic and found a way to connect with them via socials. It’s good to see Stace and Kristie taking on starring roles, it makes them relatable and real. Bless you ladies, I loved this!

3. Triple J’s Veronica and Lewis: Facebook – ‘Lewis gets his belly button pierced’ (ABC)

Just like ‘popping’ – those videos of people squeezing pimples and cysts – has seeped across the internet, these sort of ‘don’t-want-to-but-I-can’t-look-away’ videos trigger all sorts of feels. This is why it performed so well, it plays on basic human curiosity and thrill. It demands emotion – you are either going to be grossed out or mesmerised. It’s edited at a punchy length, so by the time you’ve decided…’ve already watch the entire dam thing.

WARNING: this video contains tiny nipples and pierced belly buttons

Posted by Veronica and Lewis on triple j on 2017年9月26日

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