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This week, I take my station-branded hat off to the regionals who harnessed live social tools and were most creative; a lot more fun to look at than some of the highly edited videos and click bait articles.

I’m wondering if someone can clear this up for me. Radio is live. So isn’t the most obvious thing to push out more live social media?

Regional stations are exempt from this little chat; I remember being an announcer for two stations in a lovely small town in SA as the copywriter, music director and voiceover artist at one of my first radio gigs. If you manage to pull off live socials on top of that, I worship the ground you walk on. Often the unsung heroes of the industry?

As for some cap city stations…Go…to….the…NAUGHTY CORNER! *insert angry face emoji*

So what’s the deal? You have social media producers, but old mate strategy is regularly missing in action. It’s like he took a left turn down some dodgy back street which has lead him on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

Digital copywriters are expected to make several posts a day to station-owned channels, but are usually winging at the types of content to share, and have no structured plan on how to engage or interact with listeners online.

The way stations measure social success can be misguided too, chasing quantity over quality. It’s all about the quality of engagement within the online community you have built – the audience size doesn’t matter.

Live social media is where it’s at – especially if you are chasing recall during survey period – so SnapChat, Instagram Stories, Instagram Stories Live and Facebook Live.

It shouldn’t be exclusive for shows either. Your promotions team should be your BFF with social strategy. The possibilities for creative cross-promotion and harnessing engagement are endless.


1. Nova 96.9’s Smallzy’s Surgery: Facebook Live – ‘What’s Under The Ice’ 

Views: 155,313

Reactions: 2,300

Shares: 501

Comments: 61,258

Listeners had to guess what was under the melting bucket of ice and be the first to comment on his Facebook Live stream. This very simple idea ensured a huge spike in traffic and community engagement. I can’t fault it – great strategy, executed well and aligns with the show’s target demographic. I’d be marking this as an A+ with a big red texta!


2. Hit 104.7’s Ryan Jon: Facebook – ‘Who’s Got The Best Sixpack’

Views: 52,000

Reactions: 249

Shares: 193

Comments: 159

Starring Australia’s hottest export, The Thunder From Down Under, this punchy and cheeky piece of content from Ryan Jon totally nailed it – a great follow-up piece to his last ManPower video that attracted over 36million views. A very smart way to get the most out of talent via socials.

Ryan told Radio Today, “The ManPower Guys are heaps of fun. They’re happy to play up for a cheap pun and a few laughs. The guys told me since the last one that they get recognised for the original video than they do for their stage shows!”

While I’m not an expert on six packs (I’ve seen a lot of kegs in my time), the engagement shows that Ryan’s six-pack is by far, the most edible, but I’ll let you be the judge.


3. 92.7 Mix FM: Facebook Live – ‘In The Deep’ for Adele

Creative, inventive and smart. Yvonne listened to Rolling in the Deep by Adele almost 1,500 times to win tickets to see her live in concert.

92.7 Mix FM put her in a room for 75 hours with nothing more than a couch, and two speakers and Facebook Live streamed the activation; the only downfall is that the replay video was not posted to socials.

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Social Scorecard is compiled exclusively for Radio Today by Jess Frangelli.

Jess is an AFTRS graduate and Account Manager at social-first digital agency Jaden Social.

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