Aussie content to now be available across PodcastOne’s global platform

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In a move made possible by a growing partnership between PodcastOne‘s US and Australian arms, original Aussie content will now be available across PodcastOne’s global app and website.

Southern Cross Austereo’s PodcastOne library of content will be feature on PodcastOne’s global platform, and also be available globally on Apple Podcasts, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

US listeners will now have access to popular Aussie podcasts including Hamish & Andy, Mark Howard’s The Howie Games and The Moment, Mark Pesce’s award-winning The Next Billion Seconds, Rosie Waterland’s My Mum Says My Memoir Is a Lie, Tiff Hall and Cass Dunn’s Crappy to Happy, Christian Hull’s Complete Drivel, Mark Bouris’s The Mentor, Dr. Nikki Goldstein’s Sex’n Life and Adam Shand podcasts – Adam Shand At Large, The Trials of the Vampire and UnderState: Lucille Butterworth.

“We’ve built a premium lineup of domestic titles and PodcastOne has seen the calibre and success of our Aussie podcasts. Now, they will have them front and centre for the American audience as well,” said head of PodcastOne Australia Grant Tothill.

“This is a sensational opportunity to not only showcase the world-class content PodcastOne Australia is producing but engage an entirely new audience for our podcast creators. We’re equally excited to be now bringing all the PodcastOne titles to Australian audiences as well.”

A recent study by PwC found podcast listening in Australia continues to grow, while a recently SCA insights study discovered that 87% of Aussie podcasts listeners tuned in to an
original podcast in the past month.

“Looking at PodcastOne Australia’s total downloads, Australian podcasts makes up 95% of listening,” said Tothill.

“We have worked closely with PodcastOne Australia over the past 18 months to expand our premium global brand, while incorporating localized content for the Australian market,” said Norman Pattiz, Chairman and CEO of PodcastOne.

“It has proven successful. Plus, we now have some additional great content to add to our worldwide distribution channels.”

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Josh Janssen
23 Jul 2018 - 6:00 am

Watching media companies like SCA talking about podcasting evokes the same feeling I get when my Dad tries to login to his iCloud (he never remembers his password).

I know that it’s positive and I know I should be supportive — Dad (SCA) is giving it a crack — but having worked internally within the business, I’ve seen first hand the lack of interest and understanding of the digital space.

As a digital content producer in 2012, my role entailed taking articles from Hollywood gossip blogs (they were emailed to us each morning) and rewriting them for our Australian audience — adding g’day and stuff. It wasn’t original and it was at odds with what the Internet is and should be

So when I read lines like “US listeners will now have access to popular Aussie podcasts”. I can’t help but be triggered (G’day Songl.) This is the Internet. (Welcome!) U.S listeners have always had access to popular Aussie podcasts. Open platforms allow for us to listen to whatever we want, when we want it.

There are a lot of great original creators and personalities on PodcastOne, however, I find it really hard to understand Aussie PodcastOne’s role in this. Podcast production is inexpensive and distribution is inexpensive. Podcasts working together and cross pollinating requires a few emails and some relationships.

The only value I can see is for creators getting paid more than they’re worth as companies like PodcastOne land-grab for relevancy. But the economics will be short-lived. Great talent will move on, be independent and create their own deals.

I hate to be so negative, but having followed podcasting for around 14 years, it’s difficult to hear such large companies speak so primitively about something I love. Either way — good luck.

P.S – Will you have my podcast The Daily Talk Show on PodcastOne?

Trevor Long
25 Jul 2018 - 7:34 pm

Look, I’ve gotta agree with Josh on this one.

Hamish and Andy have been available on ITunes for as long as they have had a podcast – and that’s global. Any podcaster anywhere will tell you that iTunes/Apple Podcasts makes up a huge part – If not the bulk of listening.

I’d be blown away if Podcast one shows weren’t already doing better OFF the PO platform as they call it and on the open podcasting services. Except for where they are kept in a walled garden and thus are restricted from view for the majority of podcast listeners.

And I’m coming at this as someone who makes a healthy income from podcasting and has done for almost a decade.

Cut the spin, let’s focus on the AUDIENCE, not the shareholder


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