SCA launches InStream addressable live radio offering

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Southern Cross Austereo has launched a new way of enabling the dynamic insertion of personalised and targeted audio ads into live radio commercial breaks.

InStream is SCA’s latest addressable live radio offering, and it will be available across all connected devices including SCA websites, apps and smart speakers.

SCA announced its launch today and revealed that InStream will be offered to clients in tandem with the network’s new exclusive partnership with Soundcloud.

Together, they’ll allow advertisers to over three million users in premium and brand safe environments.

“Audio platforms are proliferating and audio as a medium has never been more important in maximising reach of your target audience,” said SCA chief of sales Brian Gallagher.

“This scaled development gives buyers the opportunity to rapidly gain reach of targeted consumers wherever they are. Instream represents the future of audio, available to advertisers now.”

The recent IAB Audio State of the Nation survey found that 84% of buyers intend to invest in Digital Streaming Audio in 2019.

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Jayme Doran
14 May 2019 - 1:30 pm

ARN has already done this for sometime on their live streams inserting different ads and replacing selected normal broadcast ones, it is now unbearable to listen to. MMM/Hit is also now following ARN’s lead replacing normal broadcast ads on their live streams with inserted ads, This is going to kill listening to the radio online for me, farewell to audience.

Why do they even need to have ads in live streaming anyway, when the station is full of ads already? I can understand them inserting ads in podcasts but not streaming live radio.
It certainly goes against what CRA (Commercial Radio Australia) were claiming against the royalty bodies a couple of years ago that online is no different to broadcast. Insert different commercials replacing normal broadcast commercials, you’ve altered the broadcast, you’ve created an online stream that is different to broadcast. CRA’s position (as with many other topics before) crashes in a burning heap.


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