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SBS Radio has released the results of the community consultation component of their formal review into how they deliver their content to market, and what sort of content is delivered.

The schedule changes as a result of the review will be reflective of changes in Australia's migrant and refugee intake, and changes in the way that listeners access content through new technologies.

In April, when Dirk Anthony was at the helm, SBS Radio set up an online consultation site to invite public comment on the proposed selection criteria for content (see here). 

The broadcaster received nearly 1200 submissions, covering over 80 language communities.

The new Director of Audio and Language Content Mandi Wicks (pictured) said that most submissions were expressing strong support for the existing suite of SBS Radio services.

"We will end up with a schedule with new languages that we're not currently servicing. We will better service the larger languages that have changed over time. And we will end up with some programs on a digital platform and on mobile and online only, not on the analogue schedule"

A theme that came through in the public consultation period was a desire that those languages with an older age profile be given a greater weighting, and that communities who fall outside the 'large languages' groups be considered further.

The next phase of the SBS Radio review will follow the release of the Census on 21 June. This will clarify the 'large language' programs that will be weighted strongly in the schedule.

Implementation of the new radio schedule is expected to be around the middle of next year.

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