“Sam Pang Not Even Close”, Part One

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Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny  launched their documentary “Sam Pang Not Even Close”, delving into the failed footy career of their own Sam Pang. 

In part one Browny talks to Sam’s junior footy team mate Brendan Murray who explains how Sam, a kid from the right side of the tracks played piano and fleeced footy cards from other kids in the neighbourhood with his brother.

Brendan also tells us of the career ending moment when Sam stood by his friend in a Collingwood team building exercise and refused to climb a tree.

Coach for Collingwood at the time, Maxie Richardson stepped forward and asked him – “Is that right Pang, you’re not going to do it…You want to be a Collingwood footballer son, you want to be part of this club or not, one day you run on the MCG, the last week of September, in that jumper, you climb the tree, it’s as simple as that.”

Sam said, “I’ll tell you what Maxie, as soon as they start planting trees on the G, I’ll start climbing them.”

Tomorrow, in Part Two, Sam’s coaches at Collingwood have their say – Senior Coach Leigh Matthews and his under 19 coach Keith Burns.

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