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The Resonate Group has fast turned into a success story, both here and in the USA. With two successful Hawaiian radio properties and stations in Queensland as well, a couple of members of the Resonate Management team have formed a new radio consultancy to expand into the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest and emerging radio markets.

Keith Fowler and Rex Morris have formed a new radio consultancy called Resonate Project Group.

We talk to Keith Fowler about the markets they are looking at, their point of difference and how it all came about.

Blair: So Keith, this is the next step for you guys, how long have you both been thinking about doing it?

Keith Fowler: The Resonate Project Group has been in the making for about twelve months. Rex and I had been sharing "radio stories" and joking about our "non typical" CV 's. We began to realise that we had a lot of both shared and individual experiences from a number of different parts of the world. That between us, we had done a lot of "start-ups or turnarounds"

It seemed like the basis for a business.

With "skin in the game" in Western Queensland and the Big Island of Hawaii it was apparent that from time to time our solutions (particularly in Hawaii) were being influenced by knowledge gained in developing international markets not exclusively from our expertise in major mature markets.

Ownership also brings its own set of learning and experience.


Blair: What do you see as being the biggest challenges for breaking into the market, what will be your point of difference with the Resonate Project Group?

Keith Fowler: One of the challenges in Asia is developing major market solutions but in (by Western standards) small market economies. Our current and past experiences have us well placed to deal with this.

From our experience it was evident that there needed to be a new consultancy model. Based on our Asian experience we believe we have addressed the major concerns about international consultants.

We seem to have racked up a fair amount of unique experience and both Rex and I share the view that knowledge not honed and shared loses its currency and eventually its value.


Blair: So you will make a start in Asia.  Are there any other markets you are looking at taking on?

Keith: Resonate Project Group certainly is intended to have an Asian, Middle East and sub-continent focus but we'd happily take on an Australian client should there be interest


Blair: How long do you and Rex actually go back?

Keith: Rex (left in photo) and I go back a long way to the original Austereo days in Brisbane. I am genuinely excited to be involved in this partnership under the Resonate banner. There are already numerous and ongoing animated discussions about all aspects of the business. I believe ,that we bring an offering based on unique skill-sets and expertise coupled with hands on, at the coal face experience, that is relevant in today's multi faceted media marketplace.


Blair: Good luck to you and Rex with it all!

Keith: We've hung out the shingle…time to start working the phones.

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