Ray Bean passes away

Former Assistant Editor
Image: 2UW / Facebook

Legendary radio manager and programmer Ray Bean has died after a suspected stroke.

Ray was admitted to hospital on Saturday, but failed to recover.

Ray’s illustrious career began at Tamworth’s 2TM, Ray was then sent by the owner to work at 2VM.

He then spent time at 2KY before becoming program director at Sydney’s 2UW where he introduced the NEW2UW format that took Top 40 radio to a new level and worked alongside a young John Laws.

He would go on to become the founding general manager at Melbourne’s 3MP, and was famously part of the launch team for 2WS Sydney where he held the role of station manager.

Following that, he was famously poached by 2UE, and also spent time at 2KA/One FM.

Ray was known for his innovative approach to radio, doing consultancy work at stations include 3SR and 4TO, and he also served on the board of the Radio Marketing Bureau (RMB).

Image: Radio Green Room

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Alex Dalrymple
9 Aug 2018 - 9:57 am

Very sorry to hear that. When I was 18 and trying to get back into radio after finishing an apprenticeship at Austereo, Ray spared me an hour of his time at One FM in Penrith to sit down with me and chat. A true gentleman!


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