ABC Classic FM’s Countdown ahead of potential sweeping cuts

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ABC Classic FM is readying itself to for its Classic Dance 100 Countdown, but it could be its last with reports emerging that the national broadcaster is considering a series of closures and mergers in response to the recent Federal Budget.

Crikey reports that a series of proposals have been made to consider changes resulting several of ABC Radio’s services either merged or closed altogether.

The recent budget saw $84.7 million cut from the national broadcaster.

ABC Classic FM is understood to be on the chopping block, or to face severe cuts.

Classical rates between 1-2% in most markets, and its strongest demo is People aged 55+.

A move actively being discussed is the merging of Radio National and ABC News Radio.

In Sydney, both RN and News Radio rate 1.5% respectively.

Other, more radical solutions, could be to cut one of ABC’s television channels.

This Saturday June 9 will see ABC Classic FM’s The Classic 100 Dance Countdown, celebrating “the vivid colour and irresistible impulse of dance music written across four centuries.”

The countdown was voted for by listeners in May, and will be presented by Russell Torrance, Vanessa Hughes, Greta Bradman, Martin Buzacott, Christopher Lawrence, Tamara-Anna Cislowska, Damien Beaumont, Genevieve Lang, Margaret Throsby and Mairi Nicolson.

The countdown can also be heard online or via ABC Listen App.

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ex ABC
30 May 2018 - 5:45 pm

The word is “freeze” not “cuts” … and it represents less than 2.5% of the ABC’s annual billion-plus budget. Reducing the news department’s overstaffed and overpaid stars by just a little would fix it all.

31 May 2018 - 5:17 pm

Not surprised. Cutting or removing ABC Classic FM or news Radio would not worry this government. The ‘boganised’ listeners in the marginal seats would not know of these stations or listen to them. Jones & Hadley have them rusted on as they need to be told how to think.

6 Jun 2018 - 7:14 pm

Cuts to the over-bloated ABC?
At last!
Too many biased news services … too many TV stations …
Pity about Classic, but I’m sure a digital service would suffice.
Amused by the comment that people need to be told how to think. Sums up ABC listeners nicely!


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