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Radio Today Podcast Reviews has kicked off a regular feature looking at the hot radio podcasts around. And already you guys are giving us  heads up of some to check out. 

Podcasting is a way to get your content heard and increase your reach and profile. It’s the era of self-distribution and Podcasts are a good way to market yourself to not only the public (and your friends) but also a good way to showcase your work to radio network Programmers. 

Podcast listeners are ‘super listeners’. It’s a rapidly growing medium. Podcasts are at the forefront of on demand audio.

We’re in a golden age of podcasting. Now that audio has moved to on-demand people are really jumping in and quality is improving.

If you’re in radio you should be doing podcasts. If your station or network aren’t organising them for you and distributing them, then you should be doing it yourself. Podcasting is bigger than you think and it’s only going to get bigger.

You can check them out via  iTunes,Whooshka, Omny and other podcast platforms.

If you have produced a podcast series let us know at [email protected]


1: Team Effort with Ed Kavalee: Ed brings together special guests to help you lead a better life. Results may vary.  The Podcast series features Triple M Brisbane’s Ed Kavalee and Ash Williams along the way Lawrence Mooney, Tony Martin and Santo Cilauro all join the team. It’s a new series with just thre eps tucked away.




2:  Lewis & Lowe– The Nova breakfast team in Adelaide. It’s all their best bits and more



3: Shut Up I’m Talking – Sam Blacker and Josh Olek talk for a bit once a week, then eventually stop. The boys are 48 eps down.



4: The Rubber Room with Ugly Phil. The weekly podcast sees Ugly Phil  cover off a range of topics – from talking to the inventor of The Pubic Hair dress, Melania Trump in the ultimate case of Thieving Bastards – whatever is going down during the week. It also sees other Triple M talent join in including Rachel Corbett and Jane Gazzo.


5:  Conversations with Richard Fidler–  Spend an hour in someone else’s life. It follows on show Richard successful show on ABC Local Radio in Sydney. In depth conversations into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.


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