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Radio Today launched on 20 February 2012, and in six weeks has become the leading radio industry website in Australia.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Radio Today is now the leading radio industry website in Australia.
  • Radio Today is growing faster than any radio industry website.
  • Radio Today has more traffic than any other radio industry website.
  • Radio Today engages its users more than any other site. In the six weeks since launch we have published over 460 comments whilst the other (radio targeted) sites have published less than 5 between them.
  • Radio Today has published more than triple the content of any other radio industry site in Australia in the six weeks of being live.

And Radio Today is free for our users. We do not charge for access – unlike other sites.

Radio Today launched with an intention to become radio's new online community, and we have achieved that goal in our first six weeks. We are now Australia's leading radio industry website with higher traffic than any other site and we are growing fast.

To our readers and our clients we would like to say thanks!


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