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Radio Today is proud to introduce the newest member of our family, our Facebook Messenger chatbot!

Gone are the days of trawling through your emails to find that one piece of news or that exciting job you saw last week.

Simply jump on Messenger, have a word to our chatbot and the news will appear right before your very eyes.

After launching a few short months ago, our chatbot now reaches 157 users daily.

The strongest days of user activity have been survey days ( ~ 87% engagement rate), where users received breaking news alerts, along with live coverage from the RT bot.

These followers have access to perks such as:

Daily Digest

This is the expertly curated list of everything spicy going down in the world of radio. Just one word to our chatbot will mean all the action will get sent straight to you.

Job Search

Your daily rounds of job searching just got a little bit easier. Instead of trawling the internet, our chatbot will help you find your dream opportunity. Meaning that your resume will get to potential employers even faster.


Got a spicy scoop that you think we should know about? Great! Just send our little chatbot a confidential message and you might see your tip splashed across the pages of Radio Today.

Breaking News & Ratings

Scrolling through our website for breaking news and ratings updates can be a thing of the past, with breaking news stories and survey ratings being delivered right to your inbox.

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