Radio on #TheShire Ep 2

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Episode 2 of 'The Shire' hit our screens last night.

Last week we found out what a few radio people had to say about it (see it here).

Here's what they were saying on Twitter after the recent episode….

Jason Morrison ‏


Which is most creepy: that she's flirting with him or his weird look into her eyes? That question makes sense if you're watching #theShire

Scott Menz


18 minutes into The Shire and still waiting for something to actually happen

Dave Williams


About to see @theshins at Festival Hall. This of course means I'll miss #theshire . Let me guess boobs, lips and abs tonight?

Ryan Fitzgerald ‏


Does anyone know if Rif Raf has been approached by Def Jam? #theshire

Tim Ross (Rosso) ‏


Don't know whether Mitch will end up with Gaby but he'll end up with herpes if he keeps hitting Northies. #TheShire

Tony Martin ‏


I don't mind the first 15 minutes of #TheShire. You know, that bit with all the chefs and the bloke in a cravat.























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