Putting the ‘sizzle’ in Sizzletown

Tony Martin’s Sizzletown is kicking goals in the world of podcasting and with the release of each episode, the fan base grows.

Six episodes in and it’s had close to 70-thousand downloads and has popped up in the iTunes top ten for comedy.

The latest episode “This is Ashburton” is now live and takes the listener on a journey with Tony as the world’s first late-night call-in podcast. Matt Dower is his more than capable audio production partner on the ‘Pots n Pans’.

It’s an episode beset with ‘dolphin’ trouble (huh??), Niles has been in the studio and Tony talks to one of the stars of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey on the 50th anniversary of its release.

Listen to the new episode below:


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