Proof Commercial Radio Doesn’t Care About Aussie Bands

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So says Al Newstead at

He has taken a fair swipe saying “Commercial radio could be doing a lot more. “ has been looking at Airplay Spins data from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Geelong, and the Central Coast.. “The Top 50 shows that manufactured pop and dance tracks are getting the most airtime, with some results drastically out of step with the buying habits of the Australian public.” 



Based on airplay data from Aircheck, the story goes on to say, “Just 12 Aussies make the cut of the Top 50 most played songs on Australian commercial radio in the first six months of 2014”

“It’s hardly the first time that commercial radio has shown a disappointing lack of support for Australian artists (nor will it likely be the last) but it’s more evidence that while Aussie musicians can find success overseas and the general public are buying more ‘local produce’ in the last 12 months, commercial radio could be doing a lot more.”

The link on buying more local produce?

“Last week, the list of Australia’s Top 100 selling albums and singles revealed that consumers were buying up far more homegrown talent, with Aussie bands and artists proving to be a strong presence alongside the usual dominance of international acts, commercial pop, and ‘best of’ compilations.”

“But the same can’t be said for Australian airwaves, with a list of the year’s most played tracks on commercial radio Down Under demonstrating that playlist makers care little for promoting local bands and instead focussing only on groups and hit-makers that already have an international presence.”


Is Commercial radio pulling its weight with our home grown product on the air?

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