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The great radio shows have a capacity to make the listener 'feel' something, to generate an emotional reaction. From Mix 94.5, a wonderful example of that today.

The Drive show on Mix 94.5, Lisa Shaw and Tim Lordan received a call from a young homeless man in Perth called Aaron, he told them:

“It's a lot more difficult to get into public housing that everyone realises.

People that are homeless, they don't have the money and the resources to get all their ID's, and all the money together to get in there. A proof of age card costs fifty dollars, I'm sleeping on the street and fifty dollars is a lot of money.”

After hearing Aaron's call, Lisa and TIm received a second call from 'Jason from Morley', who they have now nicknamed their Saint. Through Mix 94.5, he contacted Aaron and offered to help him out. Jason said;

“I was completely gobsmacked, I got in the car, I heard the story and I felt completely moved.”

Jason took Aaron to get his ID details sorted out, and has agreed to pay for Aaron's accomodation, and make a donation to the first agency that takes him on.

“Just even putting that on-air has really inspired me to have a look at what people like me can do in the community,” Jason said. 

Another great example of powerful, emotional radio. Excellent work from the gang at Mix 94.5 in Perth.

or hear it here

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