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Each survey Radio Today looks at the long-term survey trends of a specific market, and given the milestone achieved by Mix 94.5 in Perth this survey in reaching 100 consecutive surveys at #1, we have put Perth on the blocks.

If you are yet to see the complete results from around the country, you can do that here:

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth

So onto the Perth trends, and first a couple of caveats:

For a variety of reasons, nobody should read too much into any one survey. The vagaries of the diary system (or any system) are such that survey to survey figures are meaningless to draw any conclusions from. Medium, and long-term trends, are the only way to look at survey results and obtain usable guidance on performance. 

We should note that stations and networks will rarely measure success by the 10+ figure, rather by demographic performance, therefore the graph below should be regarded as 'interesting' but little more than that.

The graph below illustrates the 4-survey 10+ roll: that is, the 4-survey average, with the oldest dropped off when the newest is added.

So here is what we see from each station.
  • Mix 94.5 is very consistent. The fall on the rolling trend is driven by a uncharacteristically severe survey 3 result (12.8), however there is nothing over the previous year to indicate any fundamental problem, and whilst Mix may carry a poor wave forward, over the next 2-3 surveys they are likely to settle back into the 15-16 range.
  • 96FM is on an upward trend. From share around the 9 mark a year ago, they are now well-established in the 10's and moving to the 11's. 96FM is heading in the right direction.
  • 92.9 has a dip on the trend-line through the middle to back of 2011, however they now appear to be recovering and growing from that low. They will need to consolidate the trend-line above the 12 mark.
  • Nova had a brief growth period in mid-2011 which coincided with 92.9's drop, however their trend-line has fallen back below the 10 share. The trend-line indicates that Nova's share may come back slightly before it consistently grows. Still, credit where due, they have registered a terrific result today which they will hope to build on.
  • After a dreadful 2011 which saw it decline significantly across the board, 6IX is showing small signs of recovery, however it remains an unacceptable distance behind any other station with the recent growth not enough to call a trend yet. A lot of ground to make up.
  • 6PR's trend-line is unpleasant. After spending 3 months or so with a roll above a 10-share, the trend-line shows the station is in significant decline over the past six months.
  • ABC720 spiked mid-2011, however is trending slightly off in recent months. The station is around 1% down where it was YOY on the roll.
  • Triple J, along with 96FM, are the big mover, having added nearly 2% to their rolling share in the past six months.


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