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Omny has released audio consumption analytics for their on demand  audio hosting platform Omny Studio. Podcasts and radio shows using Omny Studio will now be able to offer advertisers verified plays and additional insights into how published audio is consumed.

Currently, good podcast hosts offer visibility on download numbers, device type, players and geographysaid Omny Studio Head of Content, Matt Saraceni. However, we wanted to go one step further how many people can we verify listened to the whole thing? What percentage of people heard 25% of the episode? 50%? 75%? At what exact point in the audio do most listeners tune out? All these insights provide a deeper, never before seen understanding as to how on demand audio is being consumed.

The insights will be available across Omny’s suite of players. Embedded widgets, playlists and Twitter posts will all initially offer consumption analytics. Further development is planned to roll out this same reporting for mobile apps and other platforms. The team at Omny Studio have also designed a solution that brings consumption analytics to podcasts.

The next challenge is getting the big podcast players made by Apple, Google and others to implement this kind of measurement. The industry as a whole will benefit if content makers, advertisers, podcast hosts and app developers all come work with us on this measurement issue.

Consumption analytics are provided on any of Omny Studio’s paid hosting plans.

Advertisers rightly want to know when a downloadbecomes a listen. This level of measurement and consistent reporting will allow greater certainty around numbers being reported for podcasts.This will lead to greater value for content makers as advertisers become more confident in podcasting being a great medium to advertise in.


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