Nova Brisy heads into space

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Nova 106.9's Breakfast show 'Ash, Kip and Luttsy' have completed their stunt of sending their bobbleheads into space.

From the launch site in Coonabarabran in NSW, the three bobbleheads were launched towards space carried by high altitude weather balloons.

Program Director Jay Walkerden has sent us the video (below), and a few vital stats;

  • It took 4 hours to go up into the edge of space and come back.
  • It's maximum height was 31kms – 3 times as high as a plane
  • Temp at that altitude was -48 degrees
  • It's travelled over 180 kms total distance
  • Wind speed in the jet stream was over 140kms
  • It took 4 hours to retrieve jobber naught 1 ( the vessel)
  • One of the bobble heads lost its head

Jay also commented that in his view "this is the greatest thing that we have ever done".

The video does look pretty cool, check it out below:



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