New Zealand survey 1 results released

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The results for the first survey of 2014 have been released in New Zealand.

Newstalk ZB (TRN) is the number one radio station in all 3 metropolitan markets surveyed.

Below are the share graphs for Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington with topline analysis….

Auckland (population 1.2 million)

The leading station on share is still Newstalk ZB on 13.4% (up 0.4) – their 24th consecutive number one – followed by Coast (AC) on 9.6% (up 1.5). The Edge (CHR) are now 3rd with a 10+ increase of 1.8 to see them on 7.8%, this saw Breeze drop to 4th on 7.0%. Classic Hits are still 5th (6.7%) and ZM 6th (5.9%).

Mai FM are up to 7th, increasing 0.9 to 5.2%. The other significant change in Auckland came at Flava, they dropped from 7th to 10th (down 0.5 to 3.8%).

In the key breakfast shift, Newstalk ZB is #1 with 19.7% of the commercial radio breakfast market. The Edge is #2 on 8.5%, Coast are 3rd on 7.2% with Mai FM taking the next spot on 6.5%.

Below is the share graph:



Christchurch (population 363,000)

Newstalk ZB is #1 on 17.0% (up from 16.1%), still a clear leader over More FM (Hot AC) on 10.7% (down 1.1). The Breeze have jumped The Rock to take out 3rd in the market and are 0.5 behind More on 10.2%. The Rock are 4th on 9.0% (down from 1.3). The Edge are up to 5th on 6.9% with The Sound and Classic Hits taking out 6th and 7th.

At breakfast, Newstalk ZB is #1 with 19.8% of the commercial radio breakfast market. More FM is #2 on 17.4%, The Breeze are 3rd on 9.5%, The Edge are 4th on 7.6% and The Rock is #5 on 7.5%.

Below is the share graph:


Wellington (population 331,000)

The leading station with a 15.3% share is now Newstalk ZB who are up from 3rd (10.5% – 15.3%). The Breeze drop to 2nd on 13.7% (down 0.9) with ZM now 3rd on 11.3% (down 1.1).

The Sound have jumped to 4th from 6th and are now on 7.5%. The Rock, The Edge and Coast take out the next 3 spots. The Rock went from 8.3% to 7.4%, The Edge dropped 1.7 to land on 6.6% and Coast were on 4.6% and are now 5.7%.

At breakfast, Newstalk ZB is also #1 in Wellington with 20.4% of the commercial radio breakfast market. The Breeze and ZM are even on 14.0% in 2nd spot, The Rock is 4th on 8.3% and The Sound is 5th on 6.5%.

Below is the share graph:



Click here to see the cume graphs for Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

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