Marathon Man: Gus Crosses the Line

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Just six months ago, Gus Worland weighed in at 140kgs.  Today he crossed the finish line in the world’s largest race.

Gus ran the epic 42 kilometres in six hours and twenty-nine minutes in the TCS New York City Marathon. And he brought his best mate Hugh Jackman to tears at the finishing line saying:


“Gus’s life has changed forever…I had tears in my eyes.”

Gus has shed a huge amount of weight over the last six months to go the full distance. His Triple M Grill Team co-hosts Mark Geyer and Matty Johns were with him all the way.

“For someone like Gus…he never saw himself as someone who could do that sort of thing, I think he just always resigned ‘I’m just not that guy’…he’s changed that…it’s true you can feel it.” said Hugh Jackman

Gus said, “I’m feeling awful, I feel so bad mate… I’ve made it, it’s done now, so I’m really pleased right now, the family, everyone’s here… I’m feeling good now but it hurt the whole six and a half hours.”

“This has been an unbelievable trip for me, the last six or eight months, to do what I’ve done and try to get fit and healthy again, I’m pleased that I’ve finished the race, the measurements are down, the weight is down and I guess now is the key moment to enjoy it for a couple of days and then get back on the horse and make sure I don’t throw it all away.”

Hugh Jackman talking with the Grill Team: 104.9 hugh jackman talking to grill team from streets of new york.mp3

Gus Post Marathon: 104.9 gus worland post marathon.mp3

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