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When Radio Today's Scott Muller caught up with Kyle a couple of months back, he revealed his dream gig….

Scott: ….if you went back in time and talked to yourself, what would your advice be to yourself ?

Kyle: …..I would probably say to myself, “you’re gonna have more than you ever expected”. All I wanted to do was do breakfast on the Gold Coast, that’s what my dream was….

Scott: So you’re kind of a failure. You haven’t really fulfilled your career goals at all – you still haven’t done breakfast on the Gold Coast

Kyle: (laughs) Exactly…I might actually end up there. Don’t pat myself on the back yet…

Scott: Yeah, that’d be premature – you’re not even close to achieving your dream gig…

Kyle: … (I’m) not even in the right state!! (laughs)

While Kyle has been doing the interview circuit promoting his book, the Sea FM Gold Coast breakfast show of Galey, Baggs and Charli wanted to help make his dream come true….
or hear it here

You can read our full chat with Kyle, starting here.

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