Kyle takes the piss out of The Grill Team

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Perhaps the most outspoken jock in FM radio, Kyle Sandilands is never one to hide his thoughts on any given topic, and this morning he took aim at Triple M’s The Grill Team.

The conversation started when Kyle and Jackie O poked fun at their competitors for broadcasting radio into Sydney despite their talent being based elsewhere.

They decided that The Grill Team were fair competitors that shared their sense of humour but Kyle declared “I couldn’t listen to The Grill Team every day.

“Talking about sport… he got out for a duck… I’d have no idea what that stuff means. I think a duck means he got out for zero points… why couldn’t it be a pigeon?”

Jackie then suggested the shows swap audiences for a day, before Kyle started laying into the “junk” music Triple M plays, and then launches into his Grill Team personality.

“Rock, sport and friggin comedy! That’s what you’ve got, here at the M’s baby!” says Kyle, after twice referencing the size of Olympic runner Usain Bolt‘s penis.

Triple M’s blokey sports culture has been the target of a few gags recently, with triple j’s Ben and Liam getting some great content out of their alter egos ‘Zipper and the Shit Stick‘ recently.

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