Kyle ‘has right to offend’

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In todays Sydney Morning Herald Adele Horin has written an article on the importance of defending free speech, with the 'Kyle' decision this week by ACMA as the catalyst for the article.

Horin argues that the problem with being an advocate for free speech is that you have to defend people with offensive views. She writes:

"What Sandilands said about a News Ltd journalist who wrote about his TV program was indefensible……..let's face it, the guy has got problems………but the punishment that requires 2Day FM's on-air and production staff to desist from ever saying anything that demeans women in general is going too far"

"The impulse to call on the government to censor and re-educate into right thought is one that should be resisted. However unpalatable it is, in a free society, Kyle does have the right to offend"

Horin is essentially saying that it is an more undesirable outcome to allow censorship, than to allow inappropriate content to go to air, and have a presenter or commentator judged on their views.
We welcome your views on this, whether you agree or disagree or have an alternative viewpoint. 
You can read the article in the SMH in full here.

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