Kyle and Jackie O recall rejected segment ideas

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The Kyle and Jackie O Show has produced some incredible on-air moments over its duration, with unique and ingenious segments and promotions keeping the duo near the top of the ratings over the years.

But with every idea that makes it through to the show, many more are rejected, and this morning Kyle and Jackie reflected on some of the worst ideas that never made it past the cutting room floor.

1. Making real life sex dolls of Kyle and Jackie O and each goes home to have sex with the other’s doll

2. Everyone from the team shares the same flu shot needle – “to prove loyalty and trust”

3. Setting up a microphone in the toilet for Jackie to use in case she didn’t back in time from a bathroom break

4. Who can shelve the biggest item in their rectum and smuggle it into a music festival?

5. Naked dating team edition

6. A competition called ‘Two in the pink, one in the stink’ – the first two callers get P!NK tickets and the third gets a bucket of sewage

7. Putting the skin cancer Jackie is set to get cut out of her head on the birthday wheel as a giveaway

8. Finding a listener to let Kyle and Jackie O cut off a part of their pinky with a shovel through a process of reverse auction

9. Auctioning off ‘Shivering’ Adam’s virginity

10. Sending newsreader Brooklyn to a religious conversion camp to make him straight

11. See how much they could sell Jackie’s used undies for

Should any of these have gone to air? Let us know your thoughts, as well as the worst segments you’ve ever heard of, in the comments.

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