Just another day in the office.

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Just another day in the office.

In one corner…. Norman…… the other Laws and then Barbara steps into the ring.

It’s one of those great moments, ok nearly an 8 minute moment, only Laws can capture.

Its starts off with Norman and Laws going toe to toe with Norman dishing some great quotes:

“Laws… He’s got no pull any more go to Hadley or something,  if you want something done for you.”

Norman's rant continues … “You Old Fart”    “All going a bit senile.”

“Too many hits in the head.”  “We’ll get the violins going John.”

Lawsey then brings in Barbara into the ring… and the fight gets even better.



Who wins?  We will let you judge that but have a listen it's worth it. 

Barbara had some parting words for Norman. “Lacking a good kick in the ass”, she said


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