Julia Gillard spills to Kyle & Jackie O

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In what was her first interview since yesterday's events in politics, Julia Gillard joined the Kyle & Jackie O Show on 2Day FM this morning.

They found out whether Julia was surprised by yesterday's events, if that's it for Rudd's push for power and after such a big day who she went home to ?

"Tim is actually away at the moment, so it was me and Rueben the dog… he was full of wise words," says Julia.

Julia: "….we did have a big day in politics yesterday, but on with it all today getting on with the business of governing, and honouring promises like the Easter Egg hunt (Kyle and Jackie O are running an Easter Egg hunt at Kirribilli House on Sunday with Kyle dressed up as the Easter Bunny!)"

Kyle commented that he "loved the big pimp walk at the end, where all the guys were in black suits and you were pimpin up the front in the white suit… it’s on the front of the telegraph this morning, it looks brilliant. I’m glad all the infighting is finished because it must have been hard to run the country while all that was going on."

Hear the audio in 2 parts below….

or hear it here

or hear it here

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