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In the Sydney FM Breakfast market, 'Kyle & Jackie O' dominate, ending 2012 how they started with a compelling lead over the competition.

In survey 1/2012 in Breakfast 2Day were on a 10.1% share, with their nearest competitor 'Jonesy & Amanda' on WS FM on 8.3%.

By the end of the year, 2Day recorded a 10.3%, whilst the WSFM show remained in second spot on 7.2%.

Following that Triple M and Nova are in a battle for third place, whilst Mix and Smooth bring up the rear.

What the headline figure doesn't show is that whilst 'Jonesy & Amanda' ended the year 3% behind 'Kyle & Jackie O', they did get to within 1% of knocking off the 2Day show in Survey 4 last year – closer than any show has been for some time.

In an article in todays Daily Telegraph, Brendan Jones refers to that result as a high point;

"In survey four we got 9.7, it was a highlight of my career, I thought, 'This is it, we can get them (Kyle and Jackie O)!. While it would be a coup, there's no real plan of attack. That show is really good. I listen to it, so I think it's always going to be hard. I think we just keep doing what we do." 

A challenge for WSFM in 2012 will be to ensure their Breakfast share is not cannibalised by any growth that the new Mix Breakfast show of 'Sami and Yumi' (below) achieves, and given it is presently on a 3-share, it will be hard for Mix not to achieve Breakfast growth. That growth has to come at someone's expense.

However, after winning the ACRA for 'best on-air team' in 2012, and having a consistent #2 FM Breakfast show through the year, 'Jonesy & Amanda' are looking to take the next step in 2013 and take the #1 mantle off 2Day.

Jonesy said; "I believed that if it did work, it would really work – it just took a long time, it's harder in a classic hits format; it's a niche market, while the contemporary hits market will always have the upper hand because they're always playing music everyone will listen to."

Survey 1 starts on Sunday 20 January, and Jonesy & Amanda start back on-air on Monday 14 January.

You can read the full article in Sydney's Daily Telegraph here.

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