John Lennon – 35 Years On

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It’s amazing how different events have different impacts on people.  For me, being born in 1982 I grew up with an already established music industry that saw the death of Elvis and John Lennon.

I often reflect on this when I think about the worldwide feeling of emotion the day that news filtered through that Michael Jackson had died.  Shelves in record stores were cleared in such a short period after people raced out to buy up anything they could.

On the anniversary of the death of John Lennon, it is a time that I reflect on this again, what a different time it was of course.  On 8 December 1980 there was no social media, news of Lennon’s death would have taken a lot longer to filter through than it does these days.

However there was still worldwide disbelief, there was still shock, that one of the greatest creators of music had been murdered.

Mark David Chapman, the man who shot Lennon 5 times was not a terrorist, it was not racially or religiously motivated.  He was just a craze fan.  A man who stalked John Lennon’s every move.

On the final day of work for Chapman, he signed out of the log as John Lennon. He stood out front of Lennon’s apartment at the Dakota waiting for John to surface.  He confronted the singer who signed a book for him before John and Yoko left in a waiting car.

The 25 year old then waited for them to return. Yoko, walking ahead of John, when Chapman went up to John and with no hesitation, shot John Lennon.

The music of John Lennon still to this day brings people from all nationalities together. This was seen recently when a man played ‘Imagine’ on a piano outside the Bataclan Hall in Paris following the recent terror attacks.

Sure I wasn’t around when John Lennon was, but I am glad that I have been able to live with his memory from his brilliant music and stories.

A meme that I once saw many years ago claims to be a quote from John Lennon.  To be honest, I don’t know if it actully was or not, or whether it was just a clever quote to get likes and shares on Facebook, nor do I care.  One thing I do know though, every time I read it, it makes me smile.

– Moffee

Michael Moffett is on Breakfast at 2CS FM Coffs Harbour and also the CD of both SCA stations in the market.

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