Jase & PJ surprise a school with $10K worth of music gear

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The kids at Kananook Primary School in Seaford copped a huge surprise yesterday when KIIS 101.1‘s Jase and PJ visited their school, bringing with them a stack of new music equipment.

Jase and PJ had heard the school has been getting by with very few instruments and limited music facilities, with teacher Jo Rich frequently bringing her own gear from home and forking out her own money so the kids can play.

“What do you mean, you spend your own money?” asked Jase.

“Of course you do, look at these kids,” said Ms Rich. “Wouldn’t you do it for them?”

With the help of the team from School of Rock – The Musical, the KIIS FM Brekky team arrived at the school with $10,000 worth of instruments, microphones, and other gear.

Jase and PJ also brought tickets for the whole class to go and see School of Rock – The Musical.

“It is a significant win for us and helps to make Kananook a choice destination for prospective students and families,” said school principal Michael Brock. “Thank you to KIIS & School of Rock!”

“Words alone cannot describe the amazing feeling when the curtain went back to reveal all of the equipment that we had won,” added Ms Rich.

“This will open up a whole new world musically for our students at Kananook Primary School.”

Watch the heartwarming reveal below, with a twist ending that only PJ could have pulled off.

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