Jamie Dunn 2 years of abuse makes A Current Affair

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Back in early September we told you about Jamie Dunn, the larger than life character behind Agro who has been the victim of two years of online abuse.  It appears that Channel 9’s A Current Affair has picked up the story airing an exclusive with Jamie tonight.


Jamie, once part of the hugely successful b105 Morning Crew for years and featured in RadioToday’s Top 20 Metro FM Breakfast Shows of All Time,  now works with former b105  character voice king, Ian Calder on 98.9 in Brisbane. For the last two years he had received thousands of emails, including nasty personal messages and offensive derogatory comments about his private life to his personal email address.

In the ACA interview Jamie said he "hardly knows" the woman who has been accused of stalking him.

"We've been in the same room three or four times," he told ACA

When Jamie didn’t respond to the woman's initial threatening emails she began targeting his friends.

"People around me were getting emails and letters in the mail," he said.

"They started getting phone calls late at night and hang ups. It just got out of control and if I had to describe it I would have to say 'bizarre'".

Jamie was also targeted at venues he was appearing at, including a winery where Police were called due to an emailed bomb threat.

"They were threatening to blow-up my car in a public carpark," he said.

"That's the one that maybe started to turn my head a little and go 'oh this is not right'".

ACA reports that the women who has since been slapped with 17 charges including one count of stalking and 16 counts of using a carriage service to menace, harass and offend was a journalist. She is due to face court early next year.

You can view the entire ACA interview here,

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