Jackie O takes on the US Obesity Expert

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After the New Idea magazine headline claiming Kyle "won't live another six months at the rate he's going", Jackie O has gone straight to the source. US obesity specialist  Dr Edward Jackowski. 

Jackie O doesn't hold back either.  "Do you make quotes like this often?", she quizzed the Doc.

"I thought it was interesting that a doctor would go on record and actually say something like that," Jackie said.

The Doctor became defensive during the chat and denied saying the quotes New Idea published.

"I can't speak on [New Idea's] behalf," Dr Jackowski said.

"I never said someone would be dead in six months, would never do that to any human being, that's not what I'm about, so I don't know where you got that information from."

Kyle was away today. Kiis have said it has shaken those close to Kyle with his girlfriend Imogen taking to Twitter to express her dismay at the headline.


From the ARN Management Team: “Kyle is away sick today. All at KIIS wish him well and we're looking forward to him being back on deck as soon as he has recovered. We continue to deliver an entertaining show for listeners and today Jackie was joined by Redfoo, Tim Dormer and all-new interviews with guests Samantha Armytage, Guy Pearce, Brit pop star Ella Henderson and, of course, New Idea’s Dr Edward Jackowski”.

Hear the full interview:





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