Is it EVER okay?

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She puts herself out there every day. 

She sees it as her job, she is completely and totally professional. As Brad March highlighted a few weeks back, Robin Bailey from ARN’s 97.3 in Brisbane is a breakfast superstar.  But where do you draw the line when it comes to social media and the open forum it brings?

Robin posted this picture of herself last Friday on the Robin, Terry and Bob facebook page. 


There was a flood of posts to the page, first talking about the glasses, but it fast turned into a commentary on Robin’s appearance.
Robin tackled the issue head on this morning on the show, highlighting some of the comments people had made to their facebook page.

  “You are looking sick”…  “Too skinny”…  “Thin and ill”.

As Robin said, “We talk about everything on this show. I’m up for all of that.”


“The thing that makes me uncomfortable is, if I had put on weight – would people being saying that?”

She then posed the question – is it EVER okay to comment on someone's weight?

How far do you go On-Air and Off with your social media content? 

Is there a line?





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