Internet troll offended by Triple M question

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The Grill Team on Triple M Sydney have attempted to interview Tristan Barker, an infamous internet troll and cyber bully.

Less than 2 minutes into the chat he was asked a question that he took offence to and the interview was swiftly cut.

When they asked him "you're 18 years old, with your whole life in front of you, what made you become an internet troll of the highest order….what made you pry upon people weaker than you ?"

Tristan replied saying: "The only person weaker than me that I think I'm taking advantage of in the slightest is you stupid breakfast jocks giving me some publicity."

Listen to the audio below, thanks to News Limited….

VIDEO: Triple M radio interview goes off the rails

See more in The Daily Telegraph here.

Picture: Kerry Grant/Herald on Sunday NZ

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