SCA’s Those Two Girls are removing gender from the conversation

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One would expect a radio duo to be bright and bubbly but exuberance takes on a whole new meaning when talking about Sarah Wills and Lise Carlaw, collectively known as Those Two Girls. As a team, the pair has gone from hosting events in Brisbane to a nationally broadcast morning slot on SCA’s Hit Network.

Their sunny demeanors shine brightly, even down the end of a phone call as they cut and cross over each other but never get in their partner’s way. When they banter it has the feeling of true friendship, which, of course, it is.

“Sometimes when we drive home we call each other on the phone and we don’t even say anything we just know the other one’s there. Just breathing on their drive home as well,” laughs Sarah.

Those Two Girls is a unique show, although it’s two woman that are both mothers, there’s no talk of babies or school pickups. It’s just one of the way that the duo are paving the way for a different kind of radio sound.

“I think what we’ve worked really, really hard to do from the get-go in radio and outside of radio is we were never ever interested in pigeon-holing ourselves as a mummy act,” explained Lise.

“Our relationship and the stuff that we find interesting or funny. The stuff that we want to talk about is so far removed from the mommy shtick that we’ve worked really hard to steer clear of that and I think people have gotten the picture.”

“It’s possible to have a uterus and not talk about it!” adds Sarah.

Distancing themselves from the stereotypes that female presenters often get pigeonholed in has provided the duo with one of the more eclectic audiences in radio.

“The fact that our audience, our listeners, range from Tradies on their way to work, to gym bunnies, to nurses, and shift workers, whatever.

“The listeners that light up the board between five and six in the morning are so varied and that absolutely makes us so happy that it’s not just, you know, Bev, 42 from suburban whatever…I mean we’ll take the call but it’s not just mums.”

“As proud as we are of what we’re developing it’s not just, it’s not exclusively for women, and it shouldn’t matter, it shouldn’t matter that there’s two women, and I don’t think it does!”

The written word does not do Those Two Girls justice, so please enjoy our full interview with Lise and Sarah, where they talk about their origins, how they measure success and more, below.

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3 Aug 2018 - 10:22 am

These girls are bloody funny. I catch them most mornings on my way to gym and it’s good to hear a show where you can tell they’re friends, not just put together and hoping for chemistry.


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