Do Ben & Liam really sound like Hamish & Andy?

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Ben and Liam Hamish and Andy

After taking over the Breakfast slot at triple j in 2017, Ben and Liam were often told they sounded a lot like Hamish and Andy, so when the former Hit duo came to the js this morning a plan was made to test the theory.

Feedback has particularly centred around Hamish sounding very similar to Liam, so the boys decided to prank his girlfriend Sarah to see if she could tell who was who.

After getting Sarah on the line, Liam started the conversation before passing the line to Hamish – who admirably delivered a few comments before she cottoned that something was a bit suss.

During the clip, both Hamish and Andy had a go at presenting in the ‘triple j voice’.

Andy also revealed that when he and Hamish started out they weren’t immune from comparisons either, being told they sounded too much like Merrick and Rosso.

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