Hinch applies for a job on Triple M

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Merrick and the Highway Patrol had a bit of fun yesterday when a listener became the 4th host of the show.

They had lots of applications for the position, including from legends Jono Coleman and Derryn Hinch. But even after wanting to bring their years of experience to the show for a day, the eventual host was listener Lance Rice who jumped on air and said those magic words:

"G'day Patrollers. My name's Lance and I'm a first time caller, long time listener"

What they did then was get Lance to stay on the phone for the entire show becoming a first time caller, longest time listener.

After his debut show with Merrick, Rach & Jules, Lance said:

"That was the best thing I've ever done. But my arm is starting to cramp up now. Nothing a cool drink can't fix!".

Hear Hinch's application…..

or hear it here

Hear Jono's application…..

or hear it here

The full montage of what happened on the show…..

or hear it here

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