Have Kyle & Rove finally buried the hatchet?

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Kyle Sandilands has made just as many enemies as he has friends during his years in radio, and last week the KIIS FM host decided it was time to right some wrongs with some of his long-term foes.

One of those was former 2DayFM Breakfast host Rove McManus, whose longstanding feud with Kyle dates back several years.

Kyle & Jackie O offered $10K to Rove’s charity of choice if he called in to bury the hatchet, and the offer was taken.

“Has hell frozen over, what is happening?” said Rove. “I don’t think you mean this…”

“Does this mean we have to hang out?”

“No, have you seen my friends?” said Kyle. “I love the threat that at any stage a tactical response team could break in and ruin the party.”

“I’ve had enormous blood pressure issues… I think I’ve created it for myself from all the hate,” as he agreed the hatched had officially been buried.

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