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Clive Dickens is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Absolute Radio in the UK, and has spoken this afternoon at the CRA conference about the growth of the digital audio economy.

Clive said that broadcast radio and internet radio should not be working against each other, and they should both work to redefine radio.

In point form, here were a number of the key thoughts that Clive outlined to the audience;

  • Radio revenue is not growing and hasn't done for a number of years.
  • The Australian radio industry turns over more money than the UK with 1/3rd of the population.
  • TSL is slowing declining, especially amoungst young.
  • Measurement and accountability are key requirements for the industry.
  • Radio Airtime is cost effective, but not accountable enough.
  • The internet is disrupting everything – and the good news is that it's also disrupting itself.
  • Podcasting is still very important, listeners want to hear our content on demand.
  • 7% of all radio in UK is listened to on TV
  • In-streaming in car important (targetted audio commercials using DAB+ for music, 3G for ads).
  • Broadcast one to many…..advertise one to one.
  • "Data is the new oil"

Clive ended by announcing that Hamish & Andy will be heard weekly on one of Absolute Radio's digital channels at 5pm Friday's.

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