Ray’s Rant: “Put a panel operator on!”

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Listeners to Triple M on the Mid North Coast are complaining of “weak signal” and “constant interruptions” to The Ray Hadley Morning Show, syndicated by Macquarie Media.

This week Hadley used his program as a platform to point the finger directly at SCA after receiving direct complaints and even shared his “revolutionary idea” to solve the problem.

“I’ve investigated this personally because I’m getting sick to the back teeth of complaints from listeners from Triple M on the Mid North Coast.”

Responding to one email where a listener asked if the local station or Macquarie were responsible, Hadley said on-air, “No, firstly, it’s not us, the signal goes out”.

“We have 37% of the audience in Port Macquarie. I imagine they’re selling a lot of advertising on the back of my program. So they need to improve things,” he ranted.

Hadley told his audience that SCA doesn’t have a panel operator in the studio at Port Macquarie or at their Albury hub. He also said his show’s feed will come via Sydney from next Monday with SCA’s regional hub relocating to 50 Goulburn Street.

“But I’m sick to death. I value network stations highly. That’s why I try to do a show that encompasses network stations.

“But I’m sick of complaints coming particularly from stations on Mid North Coast of NSW about constant interruptions to my programming.

“So I’m asking our executives to speak to Southern Cross executives about a revolutionary idea. Put a panel operator on!”

SCA has been contacted for comment.

Listen to Ray Hadley’s rant from Thursday 9 February:

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