Gen X & Boomers in the Biz learning to Twerk?

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Seems Miley Cyrus is like a magnet for many stations, even for those who don’t play her songs.

Some you get, like Adelaide’s  hit107 giving Miley the finger. They flog her songs, so all good.

Jump to Perth….



Carmen Braidwood from 96fm’s Blackers, Carmen and Fitzi Breakfast show went to her concert Thursday night, providing some entertaining observations of her gig.


And finally,  WSFM Jonesy & Amandas dare to Ron E. Sparks in Sydney.

It was a challenge in what must be the highlight of Ron E Sparks' 40-year radio career, they sent sent him to review the Miley Cyrus concert.

Is he a converted Miley fan?   See what happened.




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