“Frankly, we are going to be gorgeous!”

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NEW Idea had other ideas.

Chrissie and Jane on the 3pm Pickup had a chat about a recent photo shoot the other day.

Jane: “I was wearing four items of shapewear underneath my clothes”.

Chrissie: “Sucking it all in as we do.”

One thing you can say about Chrissie and Jane on MIX 101.1, they tell it how it is. Personally, Chrissie has faced a few public battles, but she is also very confident about body image and sharing that confidence with others.

But NEW Idea mag has come undone with a recent cover story on Chrissie Swan, and had to back flip and apologise to her, and it came in record time.


They quoted Chrissie as saying “repulsive” “cottage cheese thighs” and saying she wished she could take a “magic slimming pill”.

Here is The 3PM Pickup audio which was sent to the magazine and used as the source for the quotes. Jane Hall actually says everything that NEW Idea attributed to Chrissie.

https://radiotoday.com.au/music/3pm_NewIdea Shoot_120814.mp3

“There are a number of quotes that were mistakenly attributed to Chrissie Swan which we would like to correct,” New Idea said in a statement issued to the Herald Sun today.

“Such as; referring to her thighs as being repulsive and like a tub of cottage cheese, being confronted by her body image in the mirror, and spending all her pay on treatment for cellulite.”

NEW Idea then said it was a case of mistaken identity.

This morning Chrissie and Jane talked about it a little further:

https://radiotoday.com.au/music/cj_ent news_0630_020914_new idea.mp3



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