Eddie on “one of the longest days” of his life

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Eddie McGuire returned to the Hot Breakfast this morning and addressed the news that Collingwood could ask him to stand aside as their club president.

He has been cited for breaching the AFL racial vilification policy over his comment on yesterday's show.

Eddie said it was "one of the longest days" of his life, and that he was feeling "absolutely gutted, shattered and a shell of a man in some ways on the back of what happened yesterday".

"I’m not going to sit here today and cry into my corn flakes and things like that," he said.

"I face up to things because that’s the way you do things. You attack things face on and when you make a mistake you admit it and try to do the right thing which is always been what I try to do in every phase of my life."

"I hope you guys know that wasn’t what I meant to say, and it wasn’t even what I was thinking."

The callers the Hot Breakfast took this morning showed a mixed response with most reportedly sympathetic and didn't believe Eddie was a racist.

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