Hot 91’s Dave, Sam & Ash track down ‘nude shower guy’

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A man made the news on the Sunshine Coast last week after he was caught on CCTV having a nude shower in a car wash.

The opportunity for content was too good to pass up for Hot 91’s Dave, Sam & Ash, who tracked down the young man and got him to come into the studio.

“I’ve got a surprise for you guys, a little surprise, ” Dave said on air.

While replaying the audio from the day before, Dave had organised the bloke to run into the studio completely naked, giving Sam and Ash a massive shock.

“Oh my god there’s a naked man in the studio!” Ash screamed.

“I met up with him yesterday,” Dave explained. “Now he’s in the studio… hey brother.. I’m not shaking your hand!”

The owner of the car wash had told that the car wash chemicals would have definitely burned the young man’s skin.

“To do that you have to be young and have young skin,” Geoff Bowen of Parkland’s Car and Dog Wash in Meridan Plains said.

“He’d be on fire.

“(It would be) like chilli juice on your skin.”

Check out the hilarious moment below:

A cheeky surprise from Dave to Sam & Ash this morning

Posted by Hot 91 on Friday, 28 August 2020

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