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Yesterday SCA and Shazam teamed up to create the Shazam Top 20 to replace The Bump across the Today Network.

It’s positioned as the world’s first mobile-powered radio show which puts the control of the top 20 hits into the pockets of millions of Australians.

We caught up with Head of Content of the Today Network, Dave Cameron for a chat on how it will all work and more.

Blair Sullivan: It’s not your first jump into an interactive type show… a while back now Jelli Radio was one that comes to mind…  What makes the Shazam incarnation different?

Dave Cameron: I think they are both very different things.

With Shazam we using technology that everyone knows, everyone loves and 8 million people have used recently. It’s technology that’s available in most smart phones now, it’s been integrated fully into the new iOS update as well.

We are starting with technology that everyone already knows how to use and putting a radio show back in control of their smart phone by using something they are very familiar with.

BS: I learnt something yesterday – there is a word called “Shazamable”

DC: I don’t know if it’s in the dictionary yet but it will certainly be in there by the end of next year.

BS: It’s been a while since you used the word “Countdown”, what made you bump "The Bump Show"  for the Shazam Top 20?

DC: I guess The Bump was full of mini countdowns, it’s not that we actually walked away from the concept, we just walked away from the branding I guess, to try some new ways to put things together.

The reality is people love a countdown, people love a list, people love a top ten. It's why buzzfeed exists and music is no different   iTunes have their most listened too.

People genuinely love to see how things will fall every night, it’s a race to the top.

The other thing there is no real national nightly countdown and this is bringing it back in a big way.


BS: Nights sits broadly with the younger end of the Today Network target… do you know how many are hooked up with the Shazam app right now?

DC: We don’t specifically release details and I’m sure Shazam wouldn’t  want us as well to release specific demos of users.

But it is certainly a younger leaning technology. It’s a music discovery technology. Shazam is a global powerhouse for music discovery and we know that music discovery is specifically under 30 territory.

BS: How does it all work on the mechanics side… are you only locked into voting only via the Shazam app?

DC: Not at all. It’s just the start of it. The countdown is constructed from the most Shazamed songs of the last 24 hours. But it really builds from there, the contests will be built into Shazam, all the client opportunities will be integrated into the Shazam app, the website included.

The website changes real time, so you can actually see the countdown starting to change real time as the countdown starts to plays out.  You’ll also be able to see that on the app as well.

There will also be extra exclusives that will be released through the app and the website. By using the technology where you can get extra interviews, an exclusive acoustic – the opportunity to deliver bonus content is huge for us through this alignment.  


BS: Now Angus has been doing the shift solo for while now… will it be equal billing with Ash London in the mix?

DC: Completely equal billing yep. Angus is an expert at what he does and has great relationships with artists and record companies already.

And Ash is probably one of the most exciting music presenters that I’ve seen in a while.

You know she’s incredibly energetic and bubbly. Incredibly kind of contagious – in a good way. But she has that incredible music knowledge as well.


The Shazam Hot 20 starts next Monday across the Today Network.

It’s shaping up a week for SCA – SAFM being blown up on monday, Nights being re-worked and  some big announcements being made Thursday.

At RadioToday will keep you covered with them all. 

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