Confession time for Cacklin’ Jack Post

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Gold 104.3’s Cacklin’ Jack Post spilled his guts on an episode this week of The Daily Talk Show podcast.

Joining hosts Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen on a “milestone” episode 283, Post gave an insight on life as a breakfast show worker where hunger dominates his morning.

While he makes do with a tea and a smoothie, it seems brekkie show host Christian O’Connell is a “left-overs guy”.

“He’s always got something in Tupperware like a rice or a pasta .

“I’ve not ventured into that, like take left-overs in and eat them for breakfast. I don’t like the idea of eating dinner food for breakfast.”

Post also revealed he once made a mistake that cost his radio station $15,000.

The Daily Talk Show is closing in on 300 episodes with Tommy and Josh chatting about life, creativity, business and relationships — big questions and banter.

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