Comedian Friendlyjordies takes aim at “complete trash” triple j in new video

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Australian comedian Jordan Shanks (aka friendlyjordies) has fired broadsides at triple j in his latest video, entitled ‘Why triple j is complete trash’.

Shanks has over 180K subscribers on YouTube and has produced videos taking aim at everything from real social issues including shootings in America, asylum seeker issues in Australia and the fate of the Great Barrier Reef, to less serious topics like music festival stereotypes and the classic Australian 21st birthday.

In this new clip he takes aim at pretty much every core aspect of the public broadcaster, from its presenters and the music it champions to the way it covers social matters.

He’s clearly not a fan of triple j’s current lineup of hosts, who are depicted as wearing sunnies whilst presenting or snorting lines in between songs.

“Formerly hosted by legitimately good comedians and personalities like Adam and Will, Merrick and Rosso, Helen Razer and Paul McDermott… is not hosted by the generic amalgamation of every socially uncalibrated sika-fan that was around the periphery of your friend group and appears to mistake having a personality for being a ‘Meme Lord’.

On triple j’s music strategy, he remarks;

“This is what triple j is all about, discovering new sounds. And by new sounds I mean the shittest music from the ’90s rehashed, and reeeeaaally average hip hop artists.”

And when it comes to triple j’s weekday ‘Hack’ program he comments;

“Hack, where we’re contractually obliged to educate in order to continue to receive funding. And my educate we mean nurture and unwarranted victim complex in our audience while simultaneously diminishing their self-awareness.”

Are some of his criticisms valid or has friendlyjordies missed the mark? Let us know in the comments.

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29 Aug 2018 - 1:04 pm

Totally agree with him on this. I’m a former Triple J mega fan who can’t stand it anymore.


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